Is your puppy getting their nose dirty with boredom?? At Calling All Dogs daycare your furry family members will enjoy spending the day in a safe, healthy, and fun environment. We stand out from other doggie daycares because of two very important factors: behavior knowledge and a low dog-to-human ratio. Our daycare is ran by our trainers and trainer assistants; which means we have the education, knowledge, and experience to ensure your dog has nothing but fun here! Dogs are matched with appropriate play groups and get breaks when needed. Our 5-to-1 ratio ensures we are able to fully monitor every dog and every encounter, so you can trust that your dogs will be safe and happy. 


Our daycare aligns with our methodologies for everything else we do. This means we will NEVER use force, pain, intimidation, fear, or coercion on the dogs in our care. We strive make sure no dog has a bad experience and that everyone enjoys their day with us!

Interested in bringing your dog to daycare with us? Please complete this form to schedule an interview!

Current daycare clients please use this link to login and reserve your days! 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: If we haven't taken a class from Calling All Dogs are we able to do daycare?
A: Our daycare service is not exclusive to our training clients, however we do require a thorough interview to confirm your dog is a good fit for our facility. Fill out this form or give us a call to schedule your interview!

Q: Why do I have to pre-register for the days I wish to bring my dog?
A: Once your dog is approved to attend daycare with us, pre-registration is required to ensure we do not exceed our limit of daycare dogs. This is one of many steps to a good experience for every dog that is entrusted to us! 

Q: What is the cost, and do you offer pre-paid packages?
A: Daycare is $35 per day. We are working on creating a rewards package, watch for the announcement! 

Q: What are the hours of daycare?
A: Drop off is anytime after 7:00am and pick up is before 6:00pm. 

Q: What are your vaccination requirements?
A: Puppies will need to have age-appropriate vaccinations including parvo and distemper. Adults will either need to have current vaccination records OR a current record of a titer test with acceptable immunity levels. 

Q: My dog is still intact, do dogs have to be spayed or neutered to attend daycare?
A: No! Because of our low dog-to-human ratio we are able to ensure no one gets too friendly. That said, intact females in heat will need to stay home during their entire heat cycle.