Positive Dog Training!

About Us

There's more than one method of dog training. At Calling All Dogs, we use positive reinforcement methods only. This means the emphasis is on humanely teaching your dogs—with patience and fairness—exactly what we want from them. There is no yelling or abuse of any kind. When training, we will never use fear, pain, intimidation, or discomfort. We will also never use instruments that cause your dog to feel this way or cause physiological damage, including shock collars, prong (or pinch) collars, choke chains, cracking whips, or throwing chains. We want our dogs to enjoy the training process and in turn, learn quickly and retain their knowledge.

Our lead and specialty trainers each have over 10 years experience and our lead trainer and owner, is nationally certified by the CPDT, the largest training organization in the world. All of our trainers travel around the country attending lectures, seminars, workshops, etc. to continue their training and keep up with the latest methods in behavior modification. In addition, working together every day allows us to share ideas and learn from each other.

We are recommended by veterinarians, rescue organizations and shelters, however, we are very proud to say most of our referrals come from our customers.  We are committed to working with your dog and you in a positive environment.  We think it is important that you enjoy coming to Calling All Dogs as much as your dog enjoys attending classes at our facility.